Security Shutters

Leading security innovation since 1985

The SWS UK Security Shutter range has been developed to provide an architecturally acceptable answer to the growing need for vandalism and burglary protection on domestic and commercial property.

SeceuroShield is pleased to be the most comprehensive range of shutters available within the physical security industry.

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SWS UK Seceuroshield 3801

SWS UK SeceuroShield 3801 logo

Insurance approved security shutters tested to Loss Prevention Standard 1175-1 (LPS 1175-1)
SWS UK Seceuroshield 7501

SWS UK SeceuroShield 7501 logo

A variant on the traditional shutter, available as both solid or vision
SWS UK Seceuroshield 38

SWS UK SeceuroShield 38 logo

Our best selling security shutter
SWS UK Seceuroshield 75

SWS UK SeceuroShield 75 logo

Galvanised Steel Shutter
SWS UK SeceuroShield 60

SWS UK SeceuroShield 60 logo

A high security profile about to cover up to 20sqm
SWS UK SeceuroShield 150

SWS UK SeceuroShield 150 logo

Built-on or built-in security shutter
SWS UK SeceuroShield 77

SWS UK SeceuroShield 77 logo

Offering security and insulation
SWS UK SeceuroVision 900

SWS UK SeceuroVision 900 logo

Very tight coiling and alternative link patterns and spacing, gives outstanding light transmission
SWS UK SeceuroVision 800

SWS UK SeceuroVision 800 logo

Spring assisted manual or effortless electric operation completes an ideal retail solution
SWS UK SeceuroVision 75

SWS UK SeceuroVision 75 logo

The same robust performance as the traditional shutter with the addition of vision
SWS UK SeceuroVision 38

SWS UK SeceuroVision 38 logo

Our best selling shutter available with punched or perforated slats to give up to 45% vision